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Kitchen Remodeling Services by Black Sheep Construction LLC

Where Dreams Meet Design.

Discover the Heart of Your Home

The kitchen isn’t just a place to prepare meals; it’s the heart of every home, a space where memories are made, stories are shared, and laughter resonates. At Black Sheep Construction LLC, we understand the importance of creating a kitchen that is both functional and reflective of your personal style.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Services

  1. Custom Kitchen Design: Our team collaborates closely with you, turning your vision into a tangible design. We cater to every detail, from layout to lighting, ensuring your kitchen is as unique as you are.

  2. Cabinetry & Countertops: From modern minimalist cabinets to classic wooden finishes, we offer a wide range of options. Paired with our diverse selection of countertops, from granite to marble, we ensure your kitchen stands out.

  3. Flooring Solutions: Whether you desire elegant tiles, robust hardwood, or practical laminate, we have the perfect flooring solution to complement your kitchen.

  4. Appliance Integration: Incorporate the latest appliances seamlessly into your design, ensuring both efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

  5. Backsplash & Wall Treatments: Add a splash of color, texture, or a touch of luxury with our wide range of backsplash options.

  6. Lighting & Fixtures: Illuminate your kitchen with the perfect blend of ambient, task, and accent lighting, paired with fixtures that add a touch of elegance.

Why Choose Black Sheep Construction?

  • Experience & Expertise: With years in the industry, we’ve honed our skills, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and passion.

  • Transparent Communication: We keep you in the loop at every stage, ensuring that the final outcome aligns perfectly with your expectations.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Using top-tier materials and a keen eye for detail, our workmanship stands the test of time.

  • Budget-friendly Solutions: Quality doesn’t always have to come at a premium. We provide options tailored to various budgets without compromising on the final result.

Start Your Kitchen Transformation Today!

Imagine sipping your morning coffee in a beautifully remodeled kitchen tailored just for you. Connect with us at (919)-946-3013 or visit our office at 36, Bluff Ridge Lane, Angier, NC – 27501. Let’s make your kitchen dreams a reality!

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Remodeling for 2023

The kitchen has always been the beating heart of any home. A place for more than just cooking, it’s where conversations brew, memories are cooked up, and moments are savored. With evolving lifestyles and design sensibilities, kitchen remodeling is becoming a sought-after home improvement project. As we venture further into 2023, let’s explore some of the top kitchen remodeling trends that are making waves.

1. Two-Tone Cabinetry

Gone are the days when cabinets were restricted to one color. Modern homeowners are leaning towards two-tone cabinets – a combination of dark and light hues. For instance, navy blue or deep green base cabinets paired with crisp white upper cabinets create a visually appealing contrast.

2. Open Shelving

While cabinets provide essential storage, open shelves add character and a touch of modernity. They are perfect for displaying decorative dishes, heirloom pieces, or even a collection of cookbooks. Plus, they make grabbing everyday items a breeze.

3. Statement Backsplashes

The backsplash is no longer just a protective element; it’s now a focal point. From bold patterns to colorful tiles and even full slab installations, backsplashes are turning heads and sparking conversations.

4. Integrated Appliances

Modern kitchens prioritize sleekness and functionality. Appliances integrated into the cabinetry, like built-in ovens or refrigerators masked as cabinets, offer a seamless look while optimizing space.

5. Smart Kitchens

In our tech-driven world, kitchens are getting smarter. From touchless faucets to voice-activated lighting and intelligent appliances that can be controlled via smartphone, the future is now in the kitchen.

6. Sustainable Materials

With an increased focus on sustainability, homeowners are opting for eco-friendly materials. Bamboo countertops, reclaimed wood, and energy-efficient appliances are gaining traction.


Remodeling a kitchen is more than just a home improvement project. It’s an investment in enhancing the quality of life and increasing the value of your property. If you’re looking to embrace the latest trends and create a kitchen that resonates with your style and needs, the experts at Black Sheep Construction LLC are here to help. With our experience, expertise, and passion for design, we promise to bring your kitchen vision to life.