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Garages Additions

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For some people (myself included!), a garage is an essential part of the home. A garage provides convenience and safety, and keeps vehicles looking newer for much longer than if they were exposed to the elements. It can also provide extra storage and additional living space.

You will want to take care to make your garage addition look like it fits in with the rest of your home. If you are planing an attached garage, adding a side door and a couple of windows make the addition look like any other room.

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A garage addition can add a significant amount of space to your property. Because garage additions are such a huge undertaking for any homeowner, it is crucial to carefully research what kind of garage addition you are allowed to have, and how big your addition should be considering how you plan on using it. Before you call a contractor and start construction, consider these factors that will help you plan the best course of action for your garage addition. 

Do you want your garage to be attached or detached from the rest of the house?

If you only plan on using a garage for a car park, an attached garage will be the cheapest option because you only need to build three walls. A detached garage is best if you intend to use the garage addition as a workshop. 


Our Teams collobaorate to work for the best solutions for you and our Teams collobaorate to work for the best solutions for you and help you finalize the design, building type and material for you.


Our planning and design team will take thorough inputs from you and your family to craft the best solution for your home. Our seasoned experts work together to give you the top quality home.


Our architect gives you the first set of design and understands your ideas to iterate and finalize the same for you. We are still there for you when you need us and ready to extend our services further.